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we also sell stuff

There are literally hundreds of websites, web shops, internet-sales, interweb engines, and what-not that you can buy professional AV equipment from.

So, have a search online if you already know what you want - you'll find it there somewhere.

However, if, like 90% of our clients you want some helpful advice from people who use AV equipment all day everyday, who put that same kit in cases in vans, on trucks, and in containers and ship it to far-flung places and make it work, then look here? We don't sell everything, but what we do sell we also keep on our shelves to hire out. That means we trust it already. That means we know it inside-out. That means that you can call a number and get through to somebody who has touched the bit of kit.

That is special.

So, you've got the idea, and you want to find out if we sell what you want?
Pick up the phone and talk to us. It'll probably be easier...